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πŸ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: November 2023

Greetings, Developers!
This November, we're delving deep into the evolving landscape of financial technology. Our latest newsletter is engineered to fuel your developer curiosity with the newest tools and insights.

Essential Update
Be code-ready – our API and Product changelogs are your go-to for the must-know changes impacting your work.

Stay Ahead with the New API Changelog
πŸ”— Explore the Latest Updates
Our API is continuously evolving, and so should your solutions! Check out the top priority asset of our newsletter: the newly updated API Changelog. Don't miss any new features that could propel your projects forward!

Elevate Your Code: API Request Signatures in PHP
πŸ“– Read the Article
Crafting secure API requests is an art. Learn how to perfect your PHP signatures with our latest article – a must-read for developers looking to bolster their security protocols.

Discover the Latest in Payout Method Types
πŸ“‘ Update Your Knowledge
As you expand your services globally, stay informed about the newly added Payout Method Types. This documentation is regularly updated to give you the edge in offering versatile payment solutions.

Join Our Code Review Initiative
πŸ’» Contribute and Learn
We're calling all security and development maestros to help us refine community code. Your expertise is invaluable, and your contributions are welcome. Get involved today!

Fintech Developer Opportunities Await
πŸš€ Find Your Next Gig
Are you a developer with a knack for fintech? Or maybe you're looking to hire one? Our job board connects talent with opportunity. Visit now to take the next step in your fintech journey.

Innovate with Group Payments
πŸ‘₯ Discover How
Group payments are changing the way we think about transactions. Learn how to implement this feature and offer your customers the flexibility they demand.

Collaborate on OpenAPI: Share Your Insights!
πŸ”— Join the Dialogue
Dive into our OpenAPI discussions, contribute your expertise, and collaborate with peers to shape the future of our API landscape. Your input is invaluable – let's innovate together!

Connect with the Rapyd Developer Community
🌐 Join the Conversation
Networking, collaboration, and shared knowledge are at the heart of innovation. Visit our community forum to engage with fellow developers and contribute to the discussion.

Do you have a suggestion on how we can make this newsletter better? Want to write an article or participate in a panel?

See you next month,Β 
The Rapyd Developer Community TeamΒ 

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