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πŸ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: May 2023

Hey there, developer community! πŸ‘‹

We're back with another edition of the RapydDev Newsletter, bringing you the latest updates from our community. Let's dive right in!

πŸ“Ί Community Livestream [Recording]
Watch the recording and learn about the Rapyd API and a short tutorial intro. Learn how to integrate with Rapyd.

🫢🏼 Rapyd Meetup Amsterdam April 2023
Watch the recap of last month’s meetup in Amsterdam on payment solutions. Learn how to integrate with Rapyd to begin accepting transactions through your platforms.

πŸ‘Ύ Bug Bounty Program
Calling all developers to pressure test the Rapyd API, security, and systems. Sign up through the Client Portal, obtain your API keys, and begin testing through any integration method.


Rapyd Changelog: Hosted Solutions, Client Portal Mobile Version, RBA
Follow recent updates to Hosted Solutions, Client Portal, and more.
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Community Livestream: Customer Object
Learn about the Rapyd API and how to use the customer object.
Watch the Video

Setting Up Recurring Charges with Rapyd Collect
Learn how to accept a subscription payment with the Rapyd API.
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Software Developer’s Guide to PCI Levels
Learn more about PCI Compliance from a Software Developer’s perspective.
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Know Your Business: Fintech and B2B Relationships
Learn about the KYB process and why it is so important in Fintech.
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The Humanity of Information: How APIs Drive the Future of Fintech
Get inspired about APIs and how they’ll continue to be a part of our daily lives.
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The Hosted Solutions pages have been updated to improve the customer experience and usability.

The Hosted Checkout Page has been updated to improve error statuses to be more descriptive. Specific error codes are now exposed in error messages from the Rapyd API to the hosted UI.

The Client Portal has been updated to include a Mobile Version. Users can log in with an optimized view for any mobile device.

Realtime Payment Methods have been added, including gb_realtime_bank and de_realtime_bank for both GB (Great Britain) and DE (Germany).

Read the Docs

See you next month,
The Rapyd Developer Community Team

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