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๐Ÿ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: June 2023

Rapyd U Office Hours: Request Signature, CURL, Evolution of Payments
Watch the recap of last monthโ€™s Rapyd U Office Hours live stream. Learn how to generate a Signature Request in Python and CURL.

Rapyd Developer Community Livestream

Join Rapyd team members and other developers in Discord on Thursday 6/29/23 at 11 AM PDT to learn about the Rapyd API, and a short tutorial intro. Come learn about how to integrate with Rapyd, and ask your questions to get help.

Rapyd Developer Bug Bounty
Calling all developers to pressure test the Rapyd API, security and systems. Sign up through the Client Portal, obtain your API keys, and begin testing through any integration method.


Rapyd Changelog: Error Responses, Payout Status Tracker, Creating an Additional Account
Follow recent updates to Error Responses, Payout Status Tracker and more.

Why Choose Rapyd: The Rising Star in API-First Companies
Learn why Rapyd can be your all-in-one solution for fintech.

Guide to Building, Validating, and Styling Flutter Forms
Learn how to quickly build and style forms using Flutter.

Payment Methods with FX
Learn how different bank payment methods work with FX.

Cross-Border Payments
Watch and follow along with a cross-border payment.

Handling Trial Periods with the Rapyd Collect API
Create a subscription payment with trial periods with the Rapyd API.


The Rapyd API has been updated to allow clients to simulate error responses for Redirect Payments and the Toolkit in Sandbox.

The Hosted Payout Tracker page has been updated to now include an estimated date of arrival of funds for the beneficiary, or recipient.

The create payout process has been updated to allow the sender to fix the sender details while creating a payout.

Following the development for multi-merchant clients. Clients can now create another Rapyd account with their existing user.

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