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πŸ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: July 2023

Get ready, as we're coming to Berlin for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress on July 27-28th. This is an invaluable chance to delve deep into FinTech, with Rapyd's Founder and CEO, Arik Shtilman, delivering a keynote on "Fintech Rebellion: How Developers are Disrupting the Future of Commerce."

Furthermore, Arik will engage in a fireside chat with Mike Butcher, MBE of TechCrunch, on the first day of the conference β€” a conversation you won't want to miss!

Be sure to visit our booth during the congress, where you'll have the opportunity to partake in our Checkout Challenge. This not only gives you a chance to demonstrate your abilities but also potentially win a trip to Rapyd's R&D Center in Dubai or Tel Aviv.

Rapyd U Office Hours: Python CLI, Get Daily Rate, Customer Object

Watch the recap of last month’s Rapyd U Office Hours live stream. Learn how to generate a Signature Request in Python and a CLI repository.

Rapyd Developer Community Livestream
Join Rapyd team members and other developers in Discord on Thursday 7/27/23 at 11 AM PDT to learn about the Rapyd API and a short tutorial intro. Come learn about how to integrate with Rapyd, and ask your questions to get help.

Explore our vibrant community today to connect with 54,400 other developers, learn from their experiences, and stay up-to-date with the latest payment technology trends. Collaborate on Rapyd projects and contribute to the payments technology ecosystem while networking with other developers in the fintech industry.


Rapyd Changelog: Error Responses, Payout Status Tracker, Creating an Additional Account
Follow recent updates to Error Responses, Payout Status Tracker and more.

Golang Payment Gateway Integration with Rapyd

Learn how to integrate with the Rapyd API using Golang.

Embracing the Power of Collaboration: Unleashing Developer Synergy
Explore a quick article on practices of developer collaboration.

Know Your Business: Who is the Best Fit for Fintech Service Providers?
Learn how the KYB process and business in fintech go hand-in-hand.

Accepting Payments with the Rapyd Collect API: A Use Case for Enterprise Customers
The Rapyd Collect API simplifies the complex process of accepting international payments, making it easier for your business to reach enterprise customers worldwide.

Most Common Errors Using the Rapyd Postman Collection
Are you using Postman to test the Rapyd API? Make sure you avoid these mistakes.


SEPA Direct Debit payment methods are now supported on the Hosted Subscription Page, the Hosted Checkout Page and Checkout Toolkit.

The Hosted Subscriptions, Checkout Page and Checkout Toolkit have been updated to include additional call to action selections including Pay and Purchase.

The Checkout Toolkit has been updated to and you can now omit the CTA button from the iframe by passing a hide_submit_button param.

The Developers section in the Client Portal has been updated to include an improved user experience. The Webhooks section has been redesigned to organize each webhook event by each Rapyd product or object including: Collect, Disburse, Issuing Wallets, Protect and the Customer object.


See you next month,

The Rapyd Developer Community Team

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