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πŸ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: December 2022

Hi everyone,

Here is our December newsletter with news and some recaps from the Rapyd global developer community.

Best of 2022 Rapyd Developer Community

Hack the Galaxy Contest /videos
50,000+ developers, over $1M in rewards, William Shatner, and Brian.

How to Accept Payments in Flutter Applications /community
Learn how to build a flutter application and integrate with Rapyd.

Payment Method Pages /docs
View each payment method page in docs displaying Rapyd’s network.

Recap: Rapyd DevTalks: Fintech Security + Speed

Learn how to bake security into your fintech without slowing you down. Hear simple insights on information security governance and technical guidelines from Nir Rothenberg, CISO at Rapyd.

Changelog ♻️

The Hosted Subscriptions Checkout Page has been released and is now available to generate with the Rapyd API. You can generate a PCI compliant page to collect customer payment information securely.

The Supported Currencies Page is available in Rapyd Docs. Rapyd processes payments in over 100 currencies, and may hold, settle or payout funds in different currencies.

The Swift Payout Method is now available to pay others using Rapyd Disburse. The payout method type xx_swift_bank is standardized while the requirements for the payout required fields differ between countries.

Join 50K+ Devs talking FinTech. πŸ€“

Discover :magnifying glass:

Rapyd Bytes: Wallet to Wallet Flow /videos
Follow the workflow to send wallet to wallet funds.

Rapyd Bytes: Bank Settlements /videos
Learn how to add a bank and settle funds from Client Portal.

Local Host is Not Working for a URL Redirect /community
Learn how to set up your localhost link for a redirect in Sandbox.

How Super Apps are Changing the Fintech Landscape /community
View thoughts on how Super Apps are making a global impact on fintech.

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