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Rapyd: A Comprehensive Payment Solution for Global Businesses

In April 2023, Rapyd hosted a meetup in Amsterdam to showcase their innovative payment solutions. The event highlighted Rapyd's journey since its inception in 2016, originally focused on accepting cash payments in the UK and later evolving into a global payment platform.

Rapyd's mission is to simplify payments worldwide, and they have established offices in key locations, including Amsterdam, the UK, Iceland, the US, and Singapore. With 880 employees globally, Rapyd collaborates with local partners to facilitate payment collection and disbursement in over 100 and 190 countries, respectively.

The core offering of Rapyd's platform revolves around its API-driven approach, enabling businesses to accept various payment methods such as card payments, bank transfers, and e-wallets. They also provide out-of-the-box solutions like payment checkout pages and point-of-sale terminals, offering flexibility to businesses of all technical expertise levels.

One of the key advantages of Rapyd is its single platform integration, consolidating multiple payment capabilities into one seamless solution. This allows businesses, customers, developers, and platforms to leverage Rapyd's services to enhance user experiences and create additional revenue streams.

During the meetup, Rapyd emphasized the shift in mindset from considering payments as a mere cost or outsourcing them to a third party. Instead, businesses can now capitalize on the potential of earning commissions on transactions processed through their platforms. By integrating Rapyd's services, businesses can unlock recurring revenue streams based on transaction volumes, transforming payments into a lucrative aspect of their operations.

A real-world case study highlighted the significance of Rapyd's fintech capabilities in the shipping industry. Rapyd revolutionized the process of paying seafarers who spend months at sea by enabling payments in local currencies through local rails. Rapyd's card issuing feature facilitates virtual card payments via mobile phones and was hailed as a convenient solution.

Rapyd showcased a demo of their hosted checkout page and toolkit to demonstrate the ease of integration. These tools allow businesses to seamlessly embed payment functionalities into their websites or applications, providing customers with a smooth and secure payment experience.

In conclusion, Rapyd's meetup in Amsterdam showcased its comprehensive payment platform, empowering businesses to collect payments, disburse funds globally, and create new revenue streams. With their API-driven solutions and a range of payment options, Rapyd aims to simplify and monetize fintech for businesses of all sizes, ultimately transforming how payments drive revenue in the digital age.

When you’re ready to find out more about Rapyd, make sure to get your API keys to test Rapyd’s API. You need to:

  1. Sign up for a Client Portal Account.
  2. Click the I am a developer checkbox during sign-up.
  3. Verify your email and log in to the Client Portal.
  4. Toggle the sandbox environment at the top of the Client Portal account page.
  5. Navigate to Developers > Credentials Details.
  6. Grab Your Sandbox API Keys.
  7. Visit the Rapyd docs to download our Postman Collection.
  8. Enter your API keys into Postman.
  9. Test Rapyd’s API.

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