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Jetbrains IDEs Material Plugin

Undoubtedly Jetbrains makes some of the most popular IDEs. IntelliJ, PyCharm, PHPStorm, Webstorm they're some of the most used enviorments in development. With this plugin we can have the Material themes imported from visual studio or sublime.

It's compatible with all (to my knowledge) Jetbrains IDEs.

To install we need to first:

Download it (in this example I'll be using PyCharm)

Once you have the plugin downloaded you'll need to head over to the top right corner, click file, settings, go down to plugins, select "Install plugin from disk", navigate to your download and select. Now we restart.

And now we're greated with the install wizzard.

Through here you'll be given several options to customize the themes to your liking

Above we can see some of the premade ones that come included, or you're able to make your own.

And the final outlook
(ignore my messy invorment)

Example of how the code can look, with some old code when I was learning TKinter

Top comments (3)

dewildte profile image
Eric De Wildt

I have been using this for over a year. The NightOwl theme is amazing due to it's extra bracket delineation features.

rapidnerd profile image

Can't see NightOwl theme implemented in the defaults, is it one that has to be added externally?

adampatterson profile image
Adam Patterson

This looks great, Just need options to match my terminal styles now :)