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Discussion on: How do programmers love to code?

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Raphaël Pinson • Edited

My favorite style of programing is actually pair programing. Working with someone else, either with one typing and the other helping (fixing typos, looking up documentation...) or just being in a video conference with someone else working.

When I'm not pair programing, I sometimes like listening to music. The style depends a lot on the type of programing I'm doing. If it's a no-brainer kind of work (like fixing common errors on nodes), anything will do (and I'll probably go with prog rock 😁), even with lyrics. If it's a job that requires deep concentration, I might choose baroque music for ex (such as Bach's Brandenburg Concertos or Vivaldi's Recorder Concertos).

I'm a CLI kind of person (coming from the ops side) and my usual coding env is Ubuntu with Neovim (see my dotfiles).
I use VSCode occasionally if I need advanced debugging.

I use this setup for all kinds of development, from Go/Ruby (most usual languages I use) to web dev, all through editing config files, Puppet code, YAML...