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Discussion on: What framework would you recommend between ansible and puppet?

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Raphaël Pinson

What are you trying to achieve?

  • Ansible is a deployment tool, similar to Puppet Bolt. It is made to push changes to many nodes in parallel.

  • Puppet is a configuration management tool like Cfengine or Chef. It requires an agent to run on the nodes, so that these agents can run on a regular basis and retrieve their configuration from a master. So it's not a deployment tool, it's a pure fleet management tool.

As for Docker, what is your need precisely? Docker containers are not meant to be maintained by configuration management tools because they are transient by nature. Instead, tools like Kubernetes have ways to feed configuration to containers at every deployment (using environment variables or files mounted in the container).

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wolfiton Author

Thanks @raphaëlpinson for the reply.

At that moment I needed to find a solution to automatically deploy my app on push. using a vps.

After I read some articles and tutorials I will probably build a docker container with ci cd pipeline using git actions.

I haven't decided yet on a code versioning tool other than Github.