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Why Figma is the best tool to design User Interfaces

raoufbelakhdar profile image raoufbelakhdar ・3 min read

Figma is one of the most powerful UI tools in the market. whether you are an experienced designer or a beginner; Figma makes it easier for you to create, prototype and collaborate.

For a decade as a UI designer, the only tool I worked with was Photoshop. New tools were emerging, like Sketch, Adobe xd, and Figma, but I wasn’t paying attention. Photoshop was the only tool I needed.

In the last years, UI design practices were evolving faster.
we moved from designing for one screen to multiple devices and from working alone to live collaboration. Design became more connected and collaborative than before. I couldn’t follow up with all that change relying only on photoshop to do my job.

In late 2019, I started to search for an alternative and found Adobe XD. It was a revelation, I told myself “ why I did so much time to make the move”. Adobe XD changed my way of doing UI design. It was simple to use and has everything I needed to get my work done.

Unfortunately, the excitement fades away shortly after XD started to crash. Sometimes I couldn't open my files, I felt stuck. I thought that the problem came out from my hardware configuration, but photoshop was working smoothly even if it consumes way more resources than XD.

Maybe those bugs are corrected by now, but back then, it was frustrating. I dropped XD but didn't want to go back to Photoshop.

A quick search in google about the best alternatives of XD, Figma came first. Most of the comparison websites were ranking Figma as the best tool for UI designers.

I created a Figma account for free and started designing straight on my browser, no need to install anything. with more features than XD and a simple user interface, it was powerful.

After four months of using Figma, I could say that it is the best UI tool in the market by far.

Here are the main reasons why Figma is the best tool out there!

Figma offers three things :

A better way to design, an easier way to work together and better accessibility.

1 - A better way to design :

Here are six Figma features that make the design process faster.

Components :

When designing interfaces, you need to work with the same elements multiple times, like buttons, icons, cards..etc
With the components feature, you can transform any element into a master component and create instances of it; if you add any change to a component, the same changes will be applied to all its instances.

Styles :

Styles are the same as components but for colors, typography and effects. You can save any color or text style, then apply it to multiple elements by a click of a button. No need to repeat yourself.

Constraints :

The constraints feature helps you transform your static screens into responsive design. One design fits multiple screens.

Auto layout :

The Auto Layout feature is a state of a frame that fits magically its content. You can add elements inside an Auto Layout frame without resizing it manually. It will take the right size needed to fit the elements well. It is made to solve the problem of resizing objects.

Prototyping :

Prototype a clickable and animated demos is possible in Figma. you can prototype without leaving your artboards.

Google Fonts :

Figma integrated the Google fonts library for free. More than 800 fonts at your hands. no more importing fonts.

2 - A better way to work together :

Collaboration in Figma is simple. You can create a team and invite other users to work together on the same project. Working live in the same file is possible too. Everyone invited to the project can comment and duplicate the file.

3 - Better accessibility :

Figma is free :
Figma is solving the accessibility problem, by offering a free version of the software for individuals. The free version includes most of the features of the premium version.

Browser-based :
To open a Figma file, you just need your browser. You can work on any operating system.

Fileless :
Figma stores every file you create in the cloud and offers Unlimited storage space for free. You don't have to worry about losing your files anymore.

if you’re still doing UI design with photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or XD, you should try Figma. It will change your way of working.

Since I started working with Figma, I designed a lot of user interfaces. I shared all my files for free on my website. Feel free to check, maybe you’ll find something that can help you with your projects.

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