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Figma Tutorial — How to design a landing page for your course

Figma Tutorial — How to design a landing page for your course

To design a Landing Page with Figma, you don’t have to be an expert in Figma. In fact, you can create a Landing page design in no time at all using the Theme Composer Figma plugin.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll use the Theme Composer Figma plugin to show you how to create a landing page, customize it, and covert it to HTML/CSS code.

We’ll create an Course landing page and here’s a sneak peek at what the finished design will look like.

To be able to design this landing page, we’ll see how to :

  • Generate a landing page design with the Theme Composer plugin.
  • How to add our text and images content to the landing page.
  • We’ll also see how to edit the color palette of the landing page.
  • And lastly, we will convert our landing page to a responsive HTML code.

Let’s get started.

Video Tutorial:

Before you go

Feel free to visit our website where we are sharing generously, ready for commercial use Figma and HTML templates.

You’ll find three things to help you kickstart your next project’s design :

Originally published at on November 25, 2021.

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