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Open Discussion: How to Train Active English for Work Interviews and Environments - Alone?

Hello fellow Devs,

I'm currently preparing for a job interview and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I need to ensure my active English skills, both speaking and writing, are up to par with what's expected in the professional world. However, the challenge that I'm facing is learning alone, and therefore, receiving little to no feedback, which I believe is crucial for progress.

As it stands, my English proficiency seems to be in a good place. I have some scores to show you for context:

my EnglishScore test result from British Council has achieved CEFR C1 in 2022

my EF test result is Advanced C1-C2 in 2023

My fluency in English, as gauged by the EnglishScore test from British Council, is at CEFR C1 as of 2022, and according to the EF test, I'm at an Advanced C1-C2 level in 2023. These results may appear reassuring on paper. Yet, I've noticed a disparity between these scores and my active English skills. The latter still needs some honing, which feels a bit contradictory given the so-called 'Advanced' level.

This discrepancy is the primary reason for reaching out to this wonderful community. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, strategies, and experiences.

Here are some areas where I would appreciate your insights:

  1. Learning Strategy: What are the best strategies for learning English, specifically for professional environments, on your own? Any specific methods that worked for you or someone you know?

  2. Feedback Mechanism: How can I get constructive feedback when I'm learning by myself? Are there any reliable online tools, communities, or techniques you can recommend?

  3. Common Mistakes: What are some common mistakes non-native speakers make while speaking or writing English, particularly in professional settings? How can one avoid these?

  4. Active English: Active English skills seem to be different from general English skills. In your experience, what are some effective ways to specifically improve active English?

  5. Cultural Nuances: How important are cultural nuances when communicating in English in a professional environment? Any tips on how to understand and use them?

  6. Interview Preparation: For those who've had job interviews in English, what tips can you share? How can I use my English skills effectively to communicate my competencies and fit for the role?

  7. Continuous Improvement: Once I start working, how can I continue improving my English while juggling my job responsibilities?

I'd appreciate if you could share your thoughts, experiences, and any resources you found helpful. My goal with this open discussion is to not only benefit myself but also help others in a similar situation. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and advice!

Thanks in advance for your help and participation in this discussion.


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