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Next.js Codebase Analysis <> create-next-app <> Folder Structure

You take any project, folder and file organisation matters. In this article, I will explain the folder structure of create-next-app

If you look at the create-next-app package, it has 2 folders and 5 files. Fortunately, we are not dealing with that many files for now.

 raw `create-next-app` endraw  folder structure

This does look like a package generated using npm init.

File structure

Helpers — Contains helper functions

Templates — Templates used to generate your next.js app folders and files — Readme file, worth checking it out

Create-app.ts — It mainly has a function called createApp. This is where the magic happens

Index.ts — This calls the createApp from the above file.

Package.json — You know what this file is about.

Tsconfig.json — Interestingly, this file’s last committed date is 3 years ago (evident from the image above)


create-next-app file structure is not that complicated. Who would have thought it just uses templates and creates a folder.

So far, we just looked at folder location and structure. In the upcoming articles, I am going to add comments next to each line of code where ever it makes sense to understand the code.

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