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Next.js Codebase Analysis <> create-next-app <> Create a local copy

Since vercel/next.js has got MIT license, it is safe to create a local copy of create-next-app package in your machine to run your experiments such as trial and error attempts, meaningful console log statements etc., to understand this package better.

Create a local copy

  • Clone the Next.js repo in your machine

git clone

  • Do not navigate to next.js folder yet, from the same terminal, create a new folder called create-next-app
  • Copy everything inside next.js/packages/create-next-app into this new folder.
  • Install the dependencies using the command npm install inside this newly created folder create-next-app

create-next-app local copy


We have seen how to create a local copy of the create-next-app package. With this setup, you can run your little experiments as you wish.

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