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Mysterious /sink route in

I found a mysterious sink folder in the shadcn-ui/ui.

All these folders in the above image are pages that can be navigated to via the header on website. However, I could not find the header link that points to /sink in the header

Build shadcn-ui/ui from scratch.

I tested to see if anything loads when I visit /sink and to my surprise, there are some example components loaded.

Let’s find out it’s purpose.

I searched for any existing issues on shadcn-ui/ui Github and found 2 issues and 1 pull request reported:


I could not get much context from 1, 2 listed above but #441 provides some meaningful context.

The purpose of /sink route might be to provide a showcase page with preview for improved usability. You can read more in the issue reported


/sink in shadcn-ui/ui is not so mysterious once I found out the existing pull requests around it. It might be a WIP and its purpose is to add a comprehensive component showcase page with preview for improved usability.

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