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3 Tips for new developers


I know that there are many articles on the internet where devs share their experiences and you might be thinking why should I read them but from my personal experience I find these posts useful as I get to learn something new in every post

In this blog, I highlight Some mistakes that I did and have seen others make so that you do not make them or if you have already committed those mistake you recognise it and try to rectify them.

I am a self-taught web developer who had no mentor or a person that I can fall back to if I needed help. I have been working as a web developer for 6 months and here are the 3 tips I wish someone told me when I started my career.

1) Be curious

I have seen many of my classmates say that they have "learned" so and so programming language by attending so and so Bootcamp or taking classes online. This is a very bad sign, you just know how to use this language you cannot master a programming language in 12 weeks time. But the main problem here is it kills your hunger to learn more. Remember When you started the class you were so hungry and happy to learn the language but when you complete the class and you say that you have mastered it you instantly kill that hunger. You have just learned a part of that language, you should not stop now, always try to keep learning new parts of that language. I am in no way saying that you should not take pride or enjoy the sense of accomplishment of completing the course but don't let that pride kill your hunger. Always be curious to learn new things it is a very vast field there is always something new to learn.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

– Steve Jobs

2) Don't follow the trend

Here I would like to point out the mistake that I made when I first started out programming I was riding the bandwagon of hype. I wanted to do machine learning but when someone asked me why? I would say because that's the future, not because I like it or something and guess what I was never successful in my pursuit of becoming an ml engineer, as I didn't have passion for the field. I was demotivated by this. Due to which I always procrastinated and my tasks kept on piling. Then I started HTML, CSS JavaScript and oh boy! it was love at first sight. I became passionate about this field and wanted to learn every new technology here. I never needed motivation again. I was enjoying every bit of it and I still do, I hope this continues. Again now I see many of my classmates riding the hypewave as when I ask them why you want to learn this technology? I get an answer stating that this will make me more money. I am not saying that you shouldn't try out the technology but first ask why do you want to.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

– Steve Jobs

3) Don't Be disheartened by errors

While Developing new software or upgrading old ones you will definitely get many errors. Some errors might even take months to patch. Some errors will be a quick fix but you should never give up on that project just because you couldn't solve that error. There is a huge community of programmers out there that are willing to help you. You just need to ask. So the next time you encounter an "not fixable" bug or error don't give up, ask for help there are many great forums on the internet like StackOverflow where people are always willing to help. You just need to ask.

The only Mistake you can make is not asking for help

– Sandeep Jauhar

Other mentionable tips

  • 1) Always be humble
  • 2) Always commit your changes! 😊
  • 3) Develop soft skills


This is my first blog post ever and I had planned that I wanted to write a blog that would help the community. If you liked the blog or would like to share your own tips or if you have any suggestions for me please share your views in the comment box down below. I would really appreciate It. Thank you for reading!!!

You can connect with me here or at twitter , LinkedIn.

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