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Get Better With CSS By Building These Mini Projects πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ¦„

If you are struggling with CSS then one great way to fix that is to build small projects using CSS that will help you gain confidence and can be a great starting point for your CSS journey πŸ¦„

Here are 10 mini CSS project ideas that you can build to improve your CSS skills 🌈

Create a photo gallery using CSS grid or flexbox.

Design a navigation bar with dropdown menus.

Build a responsive landing page for a fictional business.

Create a simple webpage layout using CSS grid or flexbox.

Design a CSS-only card component with hover effects.

Build a CSS-only pricing table.

Create a simple CSS animation, such as a hover effect on a button.

Design a simple form using CSS to style the input fields and buttons.

Create a CSS-only accordion component.

Build a responsive navigation menu for a mobile view.

Hope this helps πŸ’―

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Lotfi Jebali

Some of them are on my to do list for my course ;)

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Ram Maheshwari ⚑

Sounds good, Thanks for sharing :)

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