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I dual boot Windows and Linux, and I found that both have their uses. I mainly use Windows for gaming, and other inane daily uses, and I use Linux for development. Why? Mainly because of the CLI. Maybe it's the fact I'm used to dev in Linux more than anything, but the workflow seems so seamless and doesn't get in your way. I can easily install/uninstall whatever I need, and if there is a very critical program that only runs on Windows, I can always run it on Wine. I used to run Ubuntu, back in 2008/9, but then I switched to Debian, then to Slackware current (which, while awesome for its no nonsense, diy philosophy, at the end of the day, I had to switch back to a distro where I can be less involved in distro things and more on actually developing) and now I'm using KDE Neon. All in all, I find any Linux distro to be an amazing OS for developing, as it's reliable, easily customizable, doesn't get in your way, and the CLI actually helps in your workflow.

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