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The JS canvas editor Pikaso has been around for a year

Pikaso, an open source library I created, has just been updated to version 2.4.0

It added a lot of new features to the core library in that release.

It seems like a good time to introduce the library here since I believe it might be useful to the community.

In essence, Pikaso is a seamless, fully typed and fully tested library that includes a lot of features out of the box that make working with canvas incredibly easy.

It provides all basic shapes, pencil and shape drawing, images and filters, SVG, groups management, flip, rotation, export to image and json, import from json, events, undo/redo, snap to grid and many other features. (more)

Additionally, it comes with a powerful cropper with four modes.

Almost every feature, such as color, style, and anything else, can be customized.

This library can be used with any library, such as React, Angular, Vue, Svelte or Vanilla Js
In addition to contributing the library, I am constantly adding new features to it.

With Pikaso, you can design your own image cropper, Social Network image editor, T-shirt maker, avatar maker, Canva-like app, or even create your own Figma-style app.

More details can be found in the Github repository and you can view the documentation and demos at or API reference

Thank you for giving the project a Github star if you liked it, because it will help others find the project and trust that, and it motivates me to spend more time on it. Appreciate it.

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