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Discussion on: Perfecting PageSpeed ⚡️🚀

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Ramesh Elaiyavalli Author • Edited on

Thanks for your inputs Aleksandr.

1) Run LightHouse a few times. It is possible that my site is not loaded into the CDN cache close to where you are. We use CloudFlare and like the speed and performance in the USA. Google Firebase also seems to be excellent. One of the reasons to use CloudFlare is to protect from DoS attacks and to enable Brotli compression. We have seen that on some occasions they add a small overhead. Nothing is perfect - they all come with their pros and cons.

2) Enormous network payload - is a side effect of installing service workers to make our site a Progressive web app. The main page loads very quickly, the network will still be busy fetching the rest of the assets for all other pages - hence the larger payload.

3) Minimize main thread work - This is an inevitable side effect of loading inline SVG images. Still beats loading bulky PNG's.

4) Contrasting needs to be improved - especially in dark mode. Agree.

We will keep improving. Thanks, again.