Fitness as a developer before and after Covid-19 (Indie vacation #2)

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Issue number 2 is all about getting fat while being a developer and sitting a lot in front of monitors and what to do about it.
I was pretty fit all my life. Then Covid-19 hit hard and I gained some kilos. Enough to gain as much belly fat that you will not recognize me as fit anymore. What a shitty feeling. This needs to change as soon as possible. But how? I tried to gain weight all my life. My butrition was always set up so that I had to eat more than I wanted. So when I want to loose weight now, I'm in a position that I didn't encounter ever before. But do I really want to loose weight? Not really. I'm comfortable with my current body weight. More mass means more force in general. And I really feel stronger (but my 1rep maxes are the lowest ever). So what I really want is keeping my weight and loosing all my belly fat while getting stronger at my key lifts. That's basically what everybody wants. Some say it's not possible others say it is. I will finally find out!

Here is the plan:

  • Intermittent fasting with a rough look at calories. Not really counting, just eyeballing. Adjust fasting frame until completely dialed in.

  • Heavy weights with low volume. I want to get strong as fuck. Focus on key lifts(bench press, overhead press, deadlifts, squats, weighted pullups). Sprinkle in some isolation exercises with high volume.

  • One or two cardio sessions per week. Those will mostly be playing football with friends or some runs. Perhaps a little freeletics workout here and there too see how my general fitness improves. Nothing too fancy and nothing too demanding.

Everything I do will be tracked with with gymConsole, a workout tracker/life optimizer I'm currently building that can measure any kind of metric. So I will be tracking a lot of other metrics like alcohol consumption and perhaps sleep. This will allow me to see where I'm sabotaging my progress and how I could possibly fix it.

I will post regular updates about my fitness level and what helped me increase it. If you are into fitness too, I'd love to connect. My DMs on twitter are always open. https://twitter.com/RalliPi

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