Project: COVID 19. 😷

Raksha Kannusami on July 09, 2020

Disclaimer: Built this project after taking inspiration from a lot of projects that I saw on youtube based on COVID19. I'm glad I comple... [Read Full]
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This project is so good than the plain simple covid 19 tracker. Excellent work!


Thank you. Looking forward to implement it with a real world dataset and deploy it properly. Will be updating once it's done. :)


In that case, ask any of your local hospitals or healthcares if they can provide with some data. That will be EPIC!

Yes! Will take that step! and keep you updated! Thank you!

You are most welcome. 😁


Those features of your data are very general and you are basically predicting if someone is ill - not necessarily covid19


The symptoms I have chosen are the symptoms of covid19 as suggested by WHO. But again this dataset was created by me and is not real. The results will be realistic if the model is trained with real data set! :))


They won't, because those are symptoms of every other disease and you cannot distinguish it.


Looks great..all the best for completion..where did you get the training dataset from.


Since I didn't get a dataset, I made one roughly to train the model. If we use a real dataset, we will get more realistic results!


Ok got it..I ask because I was planning something similar but couldnt find any dataset so just chucked the idea. But its good that you were able to fabricate data.

Yes, the best way is to develop the project even though you don't get the realistic dataset. You can propose your project for realistic use, which again is a great thing.


Looks good! Have you tested this on mobile yet?


I haven't deployed it yet! I'm looking forward to deployed it soon. Once I do it, I will update this article. :))


Awesome! A quick and easy way to test on other devices (e.g. mobile) is to start the dev server, like you did in the video. After it has started, copy the URL into another device. I'm busy updating my website, and have been doing that to test how well it scales.

Great! I will keep this in mind!


This is great! I hope to build something like this soon. Very nice work! ☺️


Thank you Brittany!


Good work! That's a nice, simple and straightforward predictor. Good to know that you learnt something new along the way. Keep going 💯 🔥


Thank you so much, Vaibhav! 😊


Awesome! Where did you get the dataset tho? I couldn't find one anywhere


I made a sample dataset and used it since I couldn't find one!!


That's even more difficult then 😅 Maybe I can't do this after all 🙁🙁

Thanks anyway 👍👍

Nothing is difficult when you try! :))


Look good! I hope to build like this soon


Looking good 🤩🤩🤩


Great project. How accurate can you say it is?


I have used a dataset that I created. It will be more accurate if I can get a realistic dataset which I did not get after searching all over Kaggle/ other websites!


Hmm, Finding specific data would be difficult. Anyhow, great attempt!


Awesome looks pretty dope


Get in contact with sone medical doctors


Yes! Thanks for the suggestion!

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