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iOS Developers, It’s Time to Make Use of the Host of Captivating & Useful Functionalities Offered by AI

“Listen to me as I speak, do what I say and give me what I demand” if given a chance to recall the ancient times this is something I would think of first. The time where everyone was bound to obey their king. And not so long ago, the time has come where anyone can command and leave on the emerging technology to do the rest. As a result, in today’s era machines have replaced obedient humans and the kings are common people.

Yes, I am talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology- where machines can easily think and work like humans. Although, the popularity of the technology is no longer a new concept as everyone has started making use of their iphones (SIRI). Whether it’s about booking a cab or hopping online or cooking some delicious recipes, ask SIRI for help. However, the use of AI technology is not limited to SIRI or Amazon Alexa- it has gone way beyond one could ever imagine.

Seems quite fascinating, isn’t it? Well, what if I say that users of Android and iPhones both can make the most out of the host of captivating and useful functionalities offered by AI. Notwithstanding the fact that these apps have already gained ground worldwide, meanwhile, the stage is already set for smartphone users to make the most of these apps in the coming years. Being at the nascent stage of development, AI promises enhanced functionalities with every passing year paves the way for both Android and iPhone apps.

Best AI Apps to Take Into Account

#1 Microsoft Pix App

Every photographer dreams of clicking pictures without any additional efforts. This can now turn into reality with the Microsoft Pix App. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, the app only requires to be downloaded for the magic to happen. It is Known as an intelligent camera application, this Microsoft Pix app can easily tweak images like an expert cameraman performs his duty of clicking beautiful pictures.
Microsoft Pix with its tagline: “Point. Shoot. Perfect” delivers you awesome clicks

#2 Roll App

As the name reads, the iOS app allows iPhone users to automatically sort, tag and identify their best photographs that are stored on their mobiles. How is this possible, you may ask? Well, the application is poised to strengthen its presence in 2018 uses the image recognition functionality of AI.

#3 WhatsApp Image Cleaner

Listed on Google play store, WhatsApp Image Cleaner turns out to be the best way to ward off irritating forward messages in the form of quotes and images. Just for the sake of cleaning your precious Android memory space, one can make the most out of this powered app that automatically deletes all your junk images. Which means, you really don’t need to worry about WhatsApp media files draining your device’s memory space.

#4 ELSA – The Best AI Pronunciation Tutor

Being an acronym for English Language Speech Assistant, ELSA is a mobile app used to help both iOS and Android phone users especially the ones who aim to improve their English speaking skills. The app features a series of practice exercises and coaching material used to fine-tune speaking skills in accordance with your native language. Simply download the app and leave the rest on the app to help you pronounce a particular word correctly by simply inserting the word.

#5 Robin – The Proven “On the Go” AI App

Meant for both iPhone and Android users, Robin can now access invaluable information at their fingertips; without much extra effort. Another popular AI-powered personal assistant, Robin simply permits one to key in words through your voice while helping you with topographical information. From navigation, i.e. without having to take your eyes off the road to Weather forecasts and parking availability in crowded areas, are the other benefits promised by Robin.


So what are you waiting for? Download the aforementioned AI-powered apps and set a successful path of working smart without sweating it out. All you just need to do is rely on these apps as they have the power to smooth out all of the rough edges of your life. For more information and updates feel free to connect with a trustworthy ios app development company in town.

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