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10+ Best React Material-UI Admin Template

rakesh_nakrani profile image Rakesh S Nakrani Updated on ・7 min read

Here I am coming up with the collection of best react material-UI admin template of 2021. All are built with Material-UI, a top-rated components library that strictly follows Material Design Guidelines. Also, it is quite a popular repository in GitHub for a long period of time.

To make this post worth for you I have filtered the list with its Usability, Flexibility, and compatibility criteria. So you can get a powerful template for your project.

Few templates are newbies but those are in high demand to fulfill your backend needs.

Almost all templates have common features like Axios, React Hooks, React-Redux, Authentication methods like Auth0, Firebase, and JWT. Few of them support both JavaScript & TypeScript language.

Based upon my research, I found the below react templates. Hope you like this post and find your desired react dashboard template.

Template List

Berry React

berry react material-ui admin template
Berry is the newly launched Admin Template build for simplifying your development by having performance-centric code. Also, You can build your web applications faster and beautifully. At first glance, you definitely fall in love with Berry’s design. Berry gives you wings to fly high with your project for their standardized code structure, beautiful user interface, and feature-rich material-UI react admin template.

Why Choose Berry React?
  • Simple yet minimal Design with warm color palettes gives you the best User Experience.
  • TypeScript Support.
  • Figma Design resource file.
  • Light/Dark Layouts with RTL and Multi-Language support.
  • 5+ working Apps for User Management, Customer, Email, Chat, Calendar, Contact.
  • Material UI extended and advanced form components.
  • Supports Auth0, JWT, Firebase Authentication Methods.
  • Easy folder structure and well-optimized code standard.
  • Knowledgebase, Tutorials series, and extensive Documentation guide.

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Made by - CodedThemes


Devias material-ui admin template
If you want a professional backend template then Devias is the priority choice for you. I am considering Devias for its performance and highly flexible code structure along with always updated code. Devias also serve you better if you consider complex projects. It has ready-to-use Material-UI components developed with one common goal in mind, to help you build faster & beautiful applications.

Why Choose Devias Material Kit?
  • Error Free tested design & pure code.
  • The design follows all the Material design guidelines.
  • TypeScript support along with Figma & Sketch Design resource files.
  • Authentication Methods with Amplify Auth support.
  • Ready to deploy Folder structure.

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Made by - Devias


Materially React Dashboard Template
The reason to choose Materially is for its Simplicity and flexibility. If you want a Material design-specific admin template then you can go with Materially. Its color, card styles, shadow, pages are similar to material design guidelines. On the other hand, You can get a lot of pages, as well as pre-build apps like sass, e-commerce, chat, mail, and many more. The materially react dashboard template is a perfect duo of user experience design and coding standards.

Why Choose Materially React?
  • Pure Material Look and feel.
  • 5+ Working Apps and Advance UI components.
  • Authentication Methods - Auth0, JWT, Firebase.
  • Multilanguage and RTL Support.
  • Form components and included 3’rd party plugins like MUI Data Table, Modal, Formik, and many more.
  • Easy to access Documentation guide.

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Made by - CodedThemes


Alt Text
Minimal is worth it for its UI and excellent user experience. You must say “WOW! What a masterpiece” when you first see it. Minimal React is not just the ordinary backend template, It has everything that makes your project finish. From UI components to working apps you feel the Minimal experience same as its name proves.

Why Choose Minimal React?
  • Minimal design & timely support.
  • Strong components and utility foundation.
  • Working apps Mail, Chat, Calendar, and many more.
  • Organized Structuring patterns in code and folder directory

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Made by - Trinh Minimal

Fuse React

Alt Text
Fuse React is top selling Material-UI Admin Template in Themeforest. It includes 5 example apps, 20+ pages, lots of reusable react components, and more. If you're looking for a powerful and professional admin template for Web Applications, CRM, CMS, Admin Panels then you may choose Fuse. This template isn't only a good place to start, but it also has a bunch of advanced stuff to learn.

Why Choose Fuse React?
  • Private GitHub Repository access.
  • Multiple Layouts & Theme Styling options with having Multilanguage & RTL Support.
  • E-commerce, Academy, To-do, File Manager, Mail, Contact, Chat, Srumboard, and many more full-featured applications.
  • Extensive Documentation.
  • Helper classes and Authentication Methods support.
  • Typography font size selection.

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Made by - withinpixels

Material Dashboard Pro

material dashboard pro by creative-tim
If you know the Creative-Tim, then I guarantee that you know the Material Dashboard PRO template. It is out of the box and a popular material admin template. Material Dashboard Pro has a simple structure and minimal pages with stylish cards. The smooth animation flows make a super-intuitive user experience.

Why Choose Material Dashboard Pro?
  • If you are a novice developer, You can easily make work using Material Dashboard Pro.
  • Sidebar filters with options of color, image, layout variants.
  • Extended Forms and Form wizard pages.
  • UI Components with extra useful pages like Pricing, Authentication, Maps, Charts, and many more.

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Made by - Creative-Tim
Dev-to Profile - @creativetim_official

Jumbo React

Jumbo react
I love the Jumbo React for its jumbo features like theme & sidebar variants, 8+ Layout options, 3 Container settings, Sidebar sizes, theme color presets with RTL support. “You demand & Jumbo have it” - all combo in just one template. G-axon is a team passionate about helping others get results and have fun doing it.

Why Choose Jumbo React?
  • Multi variants of Pages & Color Presets.
  • Along with Material-UI components, Jumbo has Coremat components included.
  • 360 Degree after-sales support - Video Tutorials, Slack community, Online documentation, and ticket support system.
  • Private GitHub Repo Access.
  • Useful widgets and apps like Social, wall, chat, contact, and many more.
  • Multi-Language support
  • Layout Builder
  • Micro Interaction-based Interactivity.

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Made by - g-axon

Tokyo React

tokyo material-ui backend template
If you ever need the app pages for your project then Tokyo React is your one-stop admin template. Featured with 12 niche dashboard pages, 6 applications, 5 Management sections, Multiple Auth methods, Translations ready text, and lots more make Tokyo a really powerful react backend template.

Why Choose Tokyo React?
  • Best Google Lighthouse performance, SEO-ready pages. PWA optimized.
  • Starter Kit.
  • Figma design resource file.
  • TypeScript supported react admin template.
  • Multiple Layout options with RTL Support.

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Made by - bloom-ui

Material App Pro

material app pro
Material App Pro is a damn good full-fledged template built on top of the most popular front-end React Material-UI library in the world. You can say, It is a professional grade admin template in terms of usability and flexibility. It featured up to 50+ pages that give you the freedom of choosing and combining. If you're familiar with Material-UI, then you'll certainly love this theme!. They said - “The sky is the limit!”

Why Choose Material App Pro React?
  • Professional design with a sense of Typography and spacing.
  • Figma/Sketch design resource files that easing your pre-development plan.
  • Besides the components, it has Dashboards, Settings, Pricing,
  • Project, Task, Calendar, and many more pages included.
  • Free updates and 12 months support.

Live Preview | Purchase
Made by - BootLab

React Material Admin by FlatLogic

react material admin
FlatLogic is one of the top players in the template market. They make enterprise-grade admin templates and UI kits. “React Material Admin” which is very easy to get started with your project in no time. They are committed to constantly update their portfolio on a regular basis. So you can always get updated code.

Why Choose it?
  • Private GitHub repo access to receive future updates.
  • Various Chart Libraries.
  • Fully Documented Codebase.
  • The Perfect Folder Structure.

Live Preview | Purchase
Made by - FlatLogic

If you have any other Material-UI Admin Template that is likely to add to this post. Please comment here with the link. I would love to see it.

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