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Best software to start a meal prep business

As we all know that the food industry has shown drastic changes in the pandemic world. The choices and preferences of customers have been evolving with the world around. This pandemic also brings some innovative business ideas as well. A meal prep business is one of them who brings a much-needed change to growing customer needs.

As per the latest stats, The revenue generated by the meal kit industry is expected to multiply three times from 2017 to 2025. Though pandemic has brought tough times for almost all business sectors, for a few, it was a chance of a lifetime. The meal-kit industry spread its wings and flew right to the top as the demands for the meal kits rose.

Starting a meal prep business from home can be exhausting and overwhelming if you start everything from scratch.

Before we move ahead, let’s learn some basics.

A Meal prep business is an industry that brings fresh and proportioned ingredients to the customer. It also delivers the recipe to cook those meals and have a restaurant-like meal at home.

This business is for those who have an interest in food or cooking and have a passion to shape their business around this.
Your potential buyers will be people who are diet conscious and are looking to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Key Points to be considered

Niche for your business: meal ingredients with the recipe to cook, pre-made meals

Prepare a business plan

Get licenses and permits: Food handler license, Zoning permits, Catering license, and so on.

Prepare Meal strategies: connect with your customers, act as per the requirement of the customer.

Come up with a marketing and meal selling plan.

Use digitization to enhance your business and reap extra benefits: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Networking sites, and so on.

Challenges while starting a meal prep business

No business comes without a challenge. A meal prep business from home also comes with a set of challenges.

The two most crucial challenges are listed below:

  • Logistic management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Cost to start a meal prep business

The cost of a meal prep business depends on how extravagant you want your business to be right from the start. The locality and area coverage can be decent factors in deciding the size of your business.

A meal prep business would require a basic kitchen that would cost around 8000 USD -10000 USD. If you are willing to run your business through meal prep software then the cost would vary between 15000 USD to 50000 USD. With the choice of starting a business from home, you may not have to spend a hefty amount to start your business.

Now question raised - what is the best way to start from scratch or readymade solution?

To save time and money - going with readymade software is the best choice.

Let's discuss in details:

A meal prep software brings a new dimension to the food delivery industry. The customers can now cook delicious meals at home without shopping extensively to find all the ingredients required to cook a particular meal. The meal prep industry has gained enormous revenues and by 2024 it is expected to reach 7.6 billion US dollars.

Business Model For a meal prep business

A meal prep business can follow a specific business model. There are 3 types of models explained below:

Meal Kit Delivery Model

The model is about delivering the customer fresh and pre-proportioned ingredients, to make a restaurant-like meal at home. The meal-kit includes the recipe of the meal as well.

Pre-cooked Meal Delivery Model

This model is about delivering pre-made meals to the customer. The chefs onboard cook the meals and the delivery is managed by the admin of the meal prep business.

Hybrid Model

This model deals with the meal prep business which delivers both meal kits and pre-cooked meals.

The Best Meal Prep Software

Yo!Meals is a well-integrated, highly customizable software solution that enables the admin to deliver both meal kits and pre-made meals to the customer’s doorstep. Its extensive feature enables a seamless working of the system. It allows chefs on-board to work part-time as well as full-time. It has special features for delivery fleet management for safe and timely deliveries. It also has various payment options to enable secure and safe transactions by customers.

Step By Step Working of Yo!Meals

Yo!Meals works in two steps:

  • Order Allocation
  • Delivery
  • Order allocation

Customers choose the meals(meal kit or pre-prepared meal) on the Yo!Meal website.

The customer makes payment for the respective meals.
The admin or the chef receives and acknowledges the order.
The admin’s restaurant or chef processes the order.

The delivery rider receives notifications by the admin or the chef about the current order.

The delivery rider picks the order.

The delivery rider delivers the order to the customer’s doorstep.
The delivery rider then updates the delivery status on the app.
After the above discussion, it can be clearly concluded that Yo!Meals can provide the solution, entrepreneurs looking for meal prep management software in the US market. Its extensive features make it an exemplary meal-kit ordering and delivery experience.


If you are planning to start a business from home you require a lot of dedication and planning. You need to follow an effective strategy to keep in check the expenses and plan out the profits you earn. A meal prep software like Yo!meals will always be a great help in managing, advancing, and growing your business.

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