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I Accidently build a start-up for Gamers 😬 | Azuuk

Few months back, I was looking into Discord API 🀩 (Still One of the best API Documentation). There is nothing that you can't do with the Discord API, Just like YouTube API, Discord also have much more APIs then functionalities on their own platforms.

I created a new project called Azuuk (The name was totally random) (I literally mean, totally RANDOM. I created a python script to generate random domain names)

Started with 2 commands

  • npx create-react-app client
  • django-admin startproject core ./server

Now, at the present time, the project is live at

What is in the Project?

Azuuk is a platform for Youtubers, Streamers, and other such creators who want to build their subscriber base.

How does it works?

Login with Discord first.

Azuuk Login

After you've successfully logged in, You must have been added to the Azuuk's Discord Server.

Azuuk Discord Server

Conduct a Giveaway

Azuuk Giveaway

After Completely setting up the Giveaway. Just Post the giveaway by making it Public. A post on your behalf has now been posted in Azuuk's Discord Server (#giveaways channel). Azuuk's existing members can look into your post and can be redirected to your content (stream, YouTube video, etc.)

Now, you'll get a Secret 6-digit code. This is the code, using which your audience can participate into the giveaway.

After a desired number of participation, you can just complete the giveaway, by announcing the results inside Winners section.

NOTE: Result announcement is completely random.


Results announcement

After you announce the results, another post have been sent to the Discord Server (#results channel), with Winners names.

Also, Winners get DM on Discord from a bot.

Results announcement

This is all about Azuuk a Platform for Gamers, build by Gamers

You guyz can try out Azuuk once.

Thank you


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Juan Fco. Mange

Hi! Do you have github? i would like to contribute to your proyect with the back end, can help!

rajeshj3 profile image
Rajesh Joshi Author

Currently Azuuk is a private project, but we are soon to open it's source, only if we get more interest from the open source community.

Thank you so much for showing your interest.