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While Learning HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT....

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No doubt HTML, CSS, JavaScript is indispensable for Web Development but along with this you should learn and develop these things also which I described in this post.

To put it bluntly, it is difficult for beginners to adopt this habit, but you have to trust me -

"If you do things repeatedly, it soon becomes a habit".

1- Reading Documentation and other Codes

Before going straight to the programming, we should need to look through the Documentation first.

Documentation is helpful to get detailed information about the language and gives us an idea about how we can use it in our program.

You don’t need to read complete documentation, you can take a glance whenever you stuck in your program.

I think the reading habit is essential for developers because the developer has to look for the solution in different articles or from the other developer codes and this will only occur when a person has the consistency to read.


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Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

It is easy to learn, and it’s extremely useful for tracking workflow there is no need to learn all its commands, you can start with a few commands also.

In git where you can put your code file along with the commit, which helps to track your changes on code, you can clone a repository from GitHub to your local computer, add or remove files, pull request, etc.

I will put a link from its official website for you so you can get all the git commands.


3-Consistent Practice

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“Consistent Practice leads to Success”.

Practice makes a man perfect, everyone knows the power of practice.

When you are in your learning journey and you never practice what you learned, sorry bro this will not be going to count for your progress, it just a waste of time.

This is the only thing that can make a vast difference between a Good Developer and an average one.

“Everything is hard Before it is Easy”

To make things easy, you need to practice it every day.

4-Escape From the Tutorial Hell

“Sometimes if you do more than enough without any plan, maybe it does not give you a desirable result” this statement is perfectly suitable when we are new in programming.

What is Tutorial Hell?

When we starting any programming language we looking for a tutorial that can teach us and after completing it we go to another one without any practice, it leads us to nowhere we just trapped in a loop.

Most of the beginners are in the tutorial hell, where they think by just watching more tutorials they become good at that language, but this will not going to happen.

There is only one solution for this, stop after completing the tutorial. Try to make some projects where you can apply most of your knowledge. By making projects on your own you develop a certain mindset on approaching problems.

5- Stackoverflow

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Most people would be familiar with the stack overflow, but it is also important for the newbie as well.
Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It has over 50+ Million visitors every month, 51000 registered reputed developers, and over 19 million answers.
It is the most trusted website by developers where people asked their queries and some professional developer answer them.
If you search for an answer to your problem, tons of developers who had faced the same problem as yours have already asked for it… and there is more possibility these answers to that question are on StackOverflow!

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Great Article .. Keep on

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Great article and advices 👍

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I'm glad that you find this helpful.

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