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Discussion on: I need the guidance for web development

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I am assuming that by learning you also mean who have created some projects using the same. In that case since you want to become a full stack web developer, firstly you should be looking into a backend language.

You can either go for the obvious one like NodeJs which is totally Javascript based or else you can go for any other conventional backend language which are still very very widely used like Java, Asp.Net Core, Python etc

During this process you should choose a database of your choice so that you can create real life backend apps. Usually people would so say to start with MongoDB as it is widely used but getting an idea about SQL is very very important as well as still there are tons of apps using those

Once you are done with the backend, creating a full stack CRUD app of any form like User Management, Directory Service, Airbnb etc should be on your list

At this point you are a full stack web developer but in reality jobs these days expect you to have some knowledge of any framework as well. So Angular/React/Vue should be picked up once you are confident about your skills learned till now as these are very good to have and not must have

Also while learning JS you would have learned GIT or any other version control so that is important as well.

If you still not done and looking to learn more than devops side of concepts are also good to have specially understand CICD using tools like Jenkins/Teamcity and containerisation.

There is a lot to learn out there. Go slow, but keep learning and keep building. Good luck