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Send email using reactjs

Create a React.js application using either Create React App or by setting up a React project manually.

Install the emailjs-com package by running the following command in the terminal:

npm install emailjs-com

Import the emailjs-com package in your React component where you want to send the email:

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Initialize Email.js by providing your Email.js user ID. This ID can be obtained by creating a free account on the Email.js website.

A quick and simple way to get a good understanding of EmailJS is to follow our "Contact Form" tutorial that covers all the fundamentals of EmailJS.

Create a function in your component to send the email. The function should use the send method provided by the emailjs-com package and pass the necessary parameters such as the service ID, template ID, template parameters, and callback function.

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Now we can implement Regex Form validation.

To add regular expression (regex) validation to your email sending form in React, you can use JavaScript's built-in RegExp object to match the input data against a pattern.

If the input data does not match the pattern, you can display an error message to the user. Here's an example:

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For Validation:

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Emailjs Dashboard:
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Email message:

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Source will be available on :

Live demo :

Watch on video :

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