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The Big-Name Companies Leveraging Next.js

Hey everyone,

I am Rajae, a content creator for the BlueSockets blog on Front-end Web Development. I recently wrote an interesting article highlighting major companies that have integrated Next.js into their web development arsenal. Next.js, a React-based framework by Vercel, is gaining traction for its ability to craft speedy and reliable web applications.

Here are some notable adopters:

  1. Netflix: They utilize Next.js to bolster their user interface, optimizing performance and SEO for seamless streaming experiences.

  2. Twitch: The gaming-centric live streaming platform employs Next.js to ensure top-notch performance for its millions of users, especially when navigating through various streams and channels.

  3. Uber: For dynamic content delivery like real-time ride updates, Uber turns to Next.js. Its server-side rendering capability contributes to a smoother booking process.

  4. Nike: Incorporating Next.js into their e-commerce platform, Nike benefits from server-rendered product pages, resulting in quicker load times and improved SEO.

  5. WhatsApp: Next.js aids WhatsApp in rendering chat interfaces efficiently, crucial for a messaging app serving billions worldwide.

This is just a glimpse! Other major players like Notion, Target, TikTok, and DoorDash are also part of the Next.js user community. You can visit the article to see more details on the other major companies and don't forget to share with a friend if you found the article useful.

What are your thoughts on these industry giants choosing Next.js? Do you think this trend will continue to grow? Share your insights!


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