How do you manage your sass/scss or any other styling files on react?

raisaugat profile image Saugat Rai ・1 min read

How do you structure your styling files on react? Do you use styled-components or do you use sass/scss?


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Me and my team use css modules (without .module extension) and sass with scss notation. Each .scss file is in the same dir in whic .jsx file is. We have structure like src/components/Avatar/Avatar.scss and import it as module in .jsx file.
Also, there are some files in src/styles dir, that contain some global variables.

I tried some ways of styling in JS apps and I found this way the simplest, cleanest and fastest 🏇


Cool. I think this approach is much cleaner than styled components. But have you tried styled components? And what are your thoughts on this?


Soon after your comment we decided to use styled-components in part of our system. It's been a while with them, so I've got some thoughts.

  1. It's so easy to style components, depending on props!
  2. It's so hard to debug nested components!

We keep our components in folders, with their own Sass style file in there with them. And then additionally global Sass and variables files at the top level. I quite like this structure as it keeps component styles separate but doesn't pollute the JS with styling code.

I've noticed more people seem to be moving towards declaring their component styles in the JS though and would be keen to know why!


I also like the idea of placing the Sass file in the same component where it is use.
Using styled component is quite useful, but I think it makes the jS file very long.
Anyways, thanks for you opinion. :)