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Ng-News: Episode 22/26

NgRx 14

It has been two weeks since the last episode. In the meantime, NgRx was released in version 14. It comes with createActionGroup, which reduces the amount of code required for creating actions.

For some time, NgRx linting rules were inofficially available. They have now been packed into a library called @ngrx/eslint-plugin.

Most changes in NgRx 14 though, went into the component-store, which is a library for kind of component/local and not global state management.

What's not made it into 14 release, are NgRx Standalone APIs. This means that we still have to initiate NgRx via the StoreModule/EffectsModule and not via functions similar to the bootstrapApplication function we know from Angular 14.

MicroFrontends survey

You can help when it comes to Angular's support for Microfrontends. The Angular team is still researching how MicroFrontends are used and what challenges we face. There is a now survey with a few question that you can fill in.

Minor release upgrades

Other than that, nx got a minor version upgrade to 14.4.

The same is true for two E2E frameworks.

Cypress got upgraded to 10.3 and Playwright to 1.23.

nx 14.4:

Cypress 13

Playwright 1.13

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