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Ng-News: Episode 22/23

As usual, the week after a new major release comes with many video session, discussing the new features.

Angular Release Party

We had the official Angular release party with Angular core developers, where they spent quite some time explaining the reasoning behind the implementation of types in typed forms. For example, a FormControl's value is a union type of undefined, null, and the actual value. Or you have to pass a FormControl<string> to a FormGroup and not just string.


Another video with Angular team members was #ngGaming, with Mark and Jeremy. A highlight was Jeremy mentioned that the idea of an automatic change detection with zone.js might be up for a review. There will be a talk at the upcoming ng-conf where we will get more information.

The State of the Angular Ecosystem

And then, we had "The State of the Angular Ecosystem," with various panelists.

For example, Mike Ryan gave an outlook on NgRx, and Juri Strumpflohner announced the release of nx 14.2, including finally Angular 14.

From Cypress, there was Jordan Powell, talking about their latest major relase 10. The Cypress UI comes with a new look and runs both E2E and component tests. Component tests for Angular are not available yet, but the Cypress team is working on that.

Ben Lesh, from RxJs, mentioned that everybody should make sure to update to version 7.5.4. It contains significant performance improvements and he also gave an outlook for the upcoming version 8. It will consist of multiple libraries, so that a project can only use the Observables but nothing else.

Other than, there was Eric Slack repesenting the "community" and Shmuela Jacobs and Lars Nielsen for learning aspects. Lars works on a free nx book, and he invites everybody to contribute various questions.

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