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Hello 100 Rails Designers!

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Just a short while ago I set out to build a library to help Rails developers and teams have professional, and beautiful UI components in their apps, called Rails Designer.

Today I invited the 100th person!

I launched initially, with an early birds discount of 50%, thinking it would take a few months to reach. This would've given me enough time to extend the library, improve it and launch v1 for the price I had in mind.

But it went way faster! Just two months later and all 100 seats are taken. Nice! So now I have to make some adjustments. I'm slightly increasing the price—still giving a solid discount, until V1 drops.

Today v0.10 was released with a new Tabs and Stats component. Check out the roadmap to see what's coming.

It's a product I have a lot of fun in creating and seeing it helping so many others build their product is amazing.

And lastly: thanks to you all getting a copy and spreading the word about Rails Designer. Cheers to 100 milestones met and more to come! Excited to keep building with joy and creativity. Onwards to the next hundred!

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