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Free headless CMS for devs

When I was building Sveltepack - The ultimate SvelteKit boilerplate I had trouble finding a no-bloat, free, and simple tool to make blogs.

I tried every single headless CMS that I could find but they were all overkill for me. I just needed something small to make blogs.

So I went to Twitter and asked if anyone had the same issues. Turns out they did so I launched tinycms! Tinycms gives you a free online WYSIWYG editor to make blogs, you can then copy the JSON, add it to your database, and serve the data to your web app for free!

I have built components in my web app for each component type on tinycms, this lets me easily loop through the data and render each part of the blog dynamically! In the end I get consistent and clean blogs for my site.

Would love to see what you guys think!

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