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Assignment Template Creater

Assignment Template creater

github repo

This is a Command Line Interface (CLI) created using python. Using this you can create all necessary files for writing your assignment report.

I created this because, i am not getting ready with latex to create PDF, so i think of an alternative. What about creating PDF from our favourite markdown language!!

Actually inspired from my friend's Project kickass, Which is a one step c assignment maker!!


  1. VScode should be installed
  2. You have to install an extension in VScode -> Markdown PDF
  3. install Markdown All in One extension also.


open a terminal window and type:

pip install fire
git clone
cd assBOT
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python create hello
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This Will create a folder hello for you, Lets take a look at the folder

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In the file you can see a template will be created, There you can change the name, heading, etc..

demo.png and cet-logo.jpeg are the images used, you can add new images to this folder and add it in the markdown file

Convert to PDF

  • Open the file in VScode
  • ctl + shift + p and search export, then select Markdown PDF: Export (pdf)

Then Wait for few seconds and you can see a new pdf file is created in the same folder.

Few Tips

  • Probably if you follow above steps, You will get a pdf file, Inside it you can see that the code snippets is not highlighted, inorder to enable it, you can change the settings of the extension Markdown PDF

    for that press ctl + , it will open the settings.

    from there go to extensions and markdown pdf, scroll down and change the highlight style. There is a dropdown. You can select any one from it. My suggestion is a11y-dark.css

  • for converting to pdf instead of searching, you can just right-click, there you can see the option to export

You can see some examples here

PDF created using this tool - lab report

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