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Top 10 Manual Testing Interview Questions

Testing is a very crucial phase in any software development. Testing helps in ensuring what a software is supposed to do and what not. With the advancement in technology various organizations are moving towards the automation testing but its quite important to realize the importance of manual testing. In this article we are going to discuss some of the important and mostly asked questions in a manual testing interview.

QUE-1 What do you understand by the software testing?
Ans Software testing is a process that helps us to determine correctness, completeness and the quality of product under the development. It measures the overall quality of product in terms of attributes.

QUE-2 What is manual testing?
Ans It is the oldest type of testing that involves validation of requirement of application by executing a predefined set of test cases manually without the use of automation tool.

QUE-3 What is test data?
Ans Test data is the data that is used to test software with different inputs while checking the output is met with the expected result.

QUE-4 What is a bug?
Ans A bug is a fault that is detected at the time of software testing causing the software to work in an unanticipated manner.

QUE-5 What is a defect?
Ans A defect is a variance between the expected and actual results detected after the product goes live.

QUE-6 What is test coverage?
Ans Test coverage is a metric that measures the amount of testing performed on software while executing the test cases. It can be calculated as the percentage of the number of test areas or coverage items covered with respect to the total number of test areas in any software under testing.

QUE-7 What are the different levels of testing?
Ans Various types of testing are performed on the application under testing. Performing testing activities at multiple levels helps in the early identification of bugs. The different levels of testing involved are as follows:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

QUE-8 What is end to end testing?
Ans End-to-End testing is a type of testing where the entire application undergoes testing, to test each functionality of the software is working as expected and there is no loophole remaining in it. It ensures that the application is user-friendly and meets the business requirements.

QUE-9 What is meant by Adhoc Testing?
Ans It is a type of testing that is performed in an unstructured manner without formal documentation or proper planning.

QUE-10 What is test harness and what's the need of it?
Ans A test harness is a collection of test scripts and test data usually associated with the unit and integration testing. It involves stubs and drivers that are required for testing software modules and integrated components.

This is the end of article. Here, I have compiled most of the important questions that are asked during an interview whether you are fresher or experienced candidate. Thanks for reading.

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