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6 GitHub Repositories You Can't Live Without

As a developer, you know that coding can be a time-consuming and complex process. But what if there was a way to streamline your workflow and make your life 90% easier? That's where GitHub comes in. For those who are unfamiliar, GitHub is a platform where developers can store, share, and collaborate on code. And with millions of repositories to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 6 GitHub repositories that every developer should have in their toolkit. From code snippets to debugging tools, these repositories will help you work smarter, not harder. So, let's dive in and see how you can take your coding game to the next level.

1. Novu:


  • Novuhq is a virtual office and workspace provider that offers remote teams a variety of customizable workspaces and collaboration tools.
  • Novuhq's platform includes features such as video conferencing, task management, and file sharing to help teams stay connected and productive while working remotely.
  • Novuhq's virtual office spaces are designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional office, providing users with a professional and comfortable environment to work in.

2. 50 Projects 50 Days:


  • A GitHub repository that features a curated list of 50 coding projects, one for each day of the year.
  • Each project is designed to challenge developers to improve their skills and explore new technologies.
  • Perfect for developers looking to level up their coding skills and gain hands-on experience with different languages and frameworks.

3. Free for Dev:

Free for dev

  • A GitHub repository that lists a wide range of free tools and services for developers, including cloud services, databases, and APIs.

  • Perfect for developers looking to save costs on their projects and access high-quality resources without breaking the bank.

  • Includes a variety of categories, such as hosting, databases, and analytics, to cater to different needs.

4. Free Programming Books:


  • A GitHub repository that offers a vast collection of free e-books on various programming topics, such as Python, JavaScript, and C++.

  • Perfect for developers looking to expand their knowledge and improve their skills without spending a dime.

  • Includes a variety of formats, such as PDF, ePub, and Kindle, to cater to different needs.

5. Clean Code JavaScript:


  • A GitHub repository that offers a collection of best practices and guidelines for writing clean and maintainable JavaScript code.

  • Perfect for developers looking to improve the quality of their code and make it more readable and understandable.

  • Includes a variety of topics, such as variable naming, function design, and error handling, to cater to different needs

6. nhost:


  • A GitHub repository that offers a powerful and easy-to-use platform for building and deploying serverless applications.

  • Perfect for developers looking to save time and effort on their projects and focus on the core functionality.

  • Includes a variety of features, such as automatic scaling, real-time data, and easy integration with other services, to cater to different needs.

In conclusion, GitHub is a valuable resource for developers and those working in the tech industry. The six repositories highlighted in this blog are essential tools for any developer looking to improve their skills and streamline their workflow. From code libraries to educational resources, these repositories offer a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help you become a better developer. We hope you found this blog helpful and encourage you to follow us on Twitter and @rahul3002 for more tips and resources on all things tech. Happy coding!

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ashutoshvaidya profile image
Ashutosh Vaidya

Thanks for sharing these useful repos, I personally liked 50Days50Projects and Free Programming eBooks. I am getting ready for mentoring and teaching students and both the repos will help me to create and plan good quality content for them with lots of practical knowledge.

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

You need to fix the Novu one :)
It's not a virtual office, but a notification infrastructure

ukmadlz profile image
Mike Elsmore

I think you've got the wrong repo for Novu, it's an open-source application to handle notification infrastructure for developers?

rahul3002 profile image
Rahul Bagal

i know check it once again

willmand profile image

Muchas gracias.

sarma_akondi_746f338b83b7 profile image
Sarma Akondi

Thanks a ton πŸ™Œ

farhanmeo profile image
Farhan Meo

Thank you for sharing the precious information

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