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Rahoul Baruah
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Getting clients through content marketing - but what do I post about?

Have you heard that "content marketing" is a great way to get clients to come to you?

It's true - content marketing works for positioning you as someone who knows what you're talking about. They just need to look at your track record of blog posts, Youtube videos or podcasts to see that you're an expert.

But the next question leads on pretty quickly.

"What do I post about?"

The way I do it is to look at the questions that my ideal clients are asking, then I write posts answering them.

The other day I posted about someone whose contract was coming to an end but the client wanted them to "hang around". Personally, I've never been in that situation, but I know what I would do if it happened to me - so that's what my post was.

And weirdly, it was really popular on LinkedIn, getting lots of engagement and a whole discussion thread started. Something I totally wasn't expecting.

In order to make this work, I had to find the questions that people are asking. And a side-effect of this is I started to notice patterns in what people are struggling with.

For me, I noticed a lot of freelancers and consultants believing that the client holds all the power in their relationship - if the client says jump, you have to ask how high.

But I believe that's not true.

You're an expert. They hired you because you know things that they don't. And if the client isn't treating you correctly, then you should walk away.

You deserve better.

So my content marketing does double duty.

It shows off my expertise - here's a common question, here's the answer.

And it also shows off my philosophy - if you're a freelancer who wants to redefine the relationship you have with your clients, then I'm the person you want to be talking to.

So how about you?

What questions are your clients asking? Are you showcasing your expertise by answering them?

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