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How to Optimize Your GitHub Readme Profile with GPRM?

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Why Optimize Your GitHub Profile?

*Your GitHub profile is like your programming portfolio and can be a powerful tool to showcase your expertise and experience to the world. *
This is especially important if you’re looking for job opportunities since employers and recruiters often look at GitHub readmes to get an idea of a candidate’s skills and experience. By optimizing your GitHub you can ensure that your profile stands out and looks professional.

What is GPRM? (GitHub Profile README Manager)?

GPRM is a fantastic tool that allows you to create a dynamic and eye-catching README for your GitHub profile. A README is a crucial element as it appears at the top of your repository page and serves as your introduction to visitors. With GPRM, you can customize your GitHub profile’s README section with a personalized banner, introduction, social media links, project highlights, and much more!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use GPRM?

i) Open the GPRM( Website and enter your GitHub Username.
ii) Start editing you small introduction, You can also use the template which is already present on the Website and click Next.
iii) Start flexing your Stats with either Lifetime Commits or Private Commits or both based on your preferences and click Next.
iv) Now you can add either all your socials or preferred socials and click Next.
v) Choose the tech stack (like Languages, Hosting/SaaS, Frameworks, Platforms & Libraries, Servers, Databases, Design, ML/DL, or other), you use, from below and click Next.
vi) Now copy code as shown
vii)Go to your GitHub profile and create a repository of the same name as your GitHub username (My username : rahil1202 == Github repo : rahil1202)
viii) Now paste the copied data in the file created in the same repo and commit change.

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