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FTP loadtest using JMeter

Raghwendra Sonu
Automation Testing expert with diverse tools and technologies. Expertise in Web Automation, Mobile Automation, Performance Testing, API (WebServices Testing), Automation Testing Frameworks.
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Step1: Add a FTP Request Sampler
Add -> Sampler -> FTP Request

Step 2 : Download and install any of the FTP client like WinSCP from

Step3: Login to the ftp server using WinSCP.
UserName: demo
password: password

Alt Text

Step4: Once the connection to Server using WinSCP is successful we will try to download any of the file available at server to the local system.
Let us get readme.txt file from server to local machine.

Alt Text

Step5: Add FTP connection parameters.
Remote File: /readme.txt
Local File Location: F:\DevelopmentPrograms\LoadTest
Type of request: get

Alt Text

Step6: Add a view tree graph, to see execution results.
Add -> Listener -> View Results tree

Step7: Run the loadtest.

Alt Text

Step8: Verify that the file has been downloaded to local system.

Alt Text

You can modify get to put request and upload a file from local machine to server.

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