Cross Browser Testing in Selenium Using Lambdatest

raghwendrasonu profile image Raghwendra Sonu ・1 min read

Lambdatest is an online platform which allows you to perform Automated and Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Browsers and Operating Systems on real time.
Using Lambdatest you can test both public websites and locally hosted applications. You just need to connect with Lambda Tunnel and you are all set to test your local webpages.
This is very useful specially for scenarios where you are supposed to perform testing with multiple combination of browsers and operating systems. This will reduce overall execution time drastically, as we are going to perform parallel cross browser distributed testing.
They do support Screenshot testing, Responsive testing and Smart UI testing. One click bug logging to bug tracking tools and integration with amny 3rd party tools like Jnekins, Teamcity, Gitlab, Jira, Github, Bitbucket etc.

More details here: https://www.lambdatest.com/


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