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Rafi Rainshtein
Rafi Rainshtein

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Apache Cordova in 2021?

This discussion is intended to raise a question that's bothering for quite some time - Hybrid applications are a great way to develop almost simultaneously for Android and iOS. There are several options to pick from but we currently have an app in production based on Apache Cordova.
Is time to move on? What would you do?

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Amitav Roy

Yes my friend, I think you should move on. React Native and Flutter are better options now. I have been personally involved in a mobile app development using React Native and the overall development was not very bad and also the plugin system is nice.

Flutter is also good, that what I heard from my team mates. However, I have not used it myself.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

React Native / NativeScript? Or, Flutter? Xamarin?

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Rafi Rainshtein Author

Is there an easy migration path?

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Apache's platform is good. But their documentation is very low. I am not sure what can i do with it. If they try to optimize and renew docs, we can use it.