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CodeWhisperer and Github Copilot

I think the great thing about code assistants (git copilot/CodeWhisperer) is to evaluate the security of a lib and automate a test,
the suggestion itself of a block of code still strikes me as very incisive.
The AI code suggestion can be based in solution available in web(stackoverflow) :).
But some points is very interesting:

  • Security the assistance give to you possible bugs in currently code or lib that you are using.

  • Automated test, yah the assistance can generate the code for you to test a method or function

  • Improve your documentation, since the assistance use the description of function and name to suggest the solution, you need to make the description clear and objective with a good describe of parameters and types. Now you remembering the chatGPT to give you a good solution.

Tools, in the end it's a Tool that will shortcut same stages, but you need to know what is under the cap, and remember the master is you! Keep growing .

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