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Top 5 plugins for Nuxt 3


VueUse is a collection of essential Vue 3 composition APIs. These APIs are designed to help developers build complex applications more easily. The plugin offers a wide range of utilities and helpers that can help to streamline the development process. VueUse is perfect for developers who want to get the most out of the composition API and build scalable and efficient applications.


Tailwind is a popular CSS framework that provides a set of utility classes for building responsive and customizable web interfaces. With Tailwind, developers can quickly and easily create beautiful interfaces without having to write a lot of CSS code. The Nuxt Tailwind plugin provides an easy way to integrate Tailwind with your Nuxt 3 project.


The nuxt-auth plugin wraps NextAuth.js, It provides an easy-to-use authentication solution for Nuxt 3 projects. The plugin supports a wide range of authentication providers, including JWT, OAuth, Google and Firebase. With @sidebase/nuxt-auth, developers can quickly add authentication functionality to their applications without having to write a lot of code.


Nuxt-trpc is a lightweight framework for building TypeScript-powered RPC APIs with Next.js or Nuxt.js. It provides a powerful set of tools for building server-side APIs that are type-safe and easy to use. With Nuxt-trpc, developers can build scalable and maintainable APIs that are optimized for performance.


Pinia is a modern and lightweight state management solution for Vue.js. It provides a reactive store that can be used to manage the state of your application. With Pinia, developers can easily manage the state of their application without having to worry about boilerplate code. The Nuxt Pinia plugin provides an easy way to integrate Pinia with your Nuxt 3 project.

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