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Rafael Corrêa Gomes
Rafael Corrêa Gomes

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Google launched G Pay to Magento 2

Google launched officially the Google Pay extension to Magento 2 in partnership with Unbound company to provide merchants with the option to enable Google Pay as a checkout and payment option to their customers. Google Pay helps businesses around the world accept payments and increase conversions by enabling simpler, more secure checkout in your apps and on your websites. When you integrate with Google Pay, your customers can pay quickly using the payment methods they’ve securely saved to their Google Accounts.

Magento 2 and Google Pay integration

This extension for Magento 2, when configured, will display Google Pay as an option in the Mini-Cart as well as the standard checkout screens. Checkout with Google Pay is easy and fast, decreasing your customers’ time to buy, and increasing your conversion. There are no fees for merchants or customers to use Google Pay, and Google’s enhanced security and identity controls mean Google Pay transactions are declined less frequently than card only transactions.

If you don’t yet have a Google Pay account then you will need to sign-up for one as the extension will not create an account for you during the installation. You will also need a merchant account with one of the following payment processors and will be subject to any transaction fees they may charge:




FirstData - Payeezy





You can download it directly via Magento Marketplace,  then you will need your Google Pay merchant identifier which can be found in the Google Pay Business Console.

Google Pay Business Console

Once installed, you can configure the plugin in your site’s Magento administration console by navigating to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods and selecting the Configure button next to Google Pay.

Magento 2 Google Pay configuring it inside the admin panel

You can optionally try out some of the advanced settings that provide the ability to customize the color and type of Google Pay button as well as enabling Minicart integration, which is recommended.

Magento 2 Google Pay configuring it inside the admin panel

Summing it up

Integrating Google Pay into your website is a great way to increase conversions and to improve the purchasing experience for your customers.

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