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Web3 Invoice Project

Hey hello my friends! I´m new on this Dev community and I hope I´m doing everything well. I really need help on a project im trying to develop however I don't know much about web3 to make it.

Project Overview
I have a small business that sells physical items (its just a normal retail business where people give money for a unique item that is not perishable) and I want to basically give an NFT receipt with a specific metadata of that purchase. That NFT receipt it´s also tradable and I want it to be dynamic. At the moment I just wanted to make a simple website where people can mint (claim) their NFTs if the wallet matches the one they gave me when buying the items on my website for the respective items they bought. The website would be just a page where you would connect the wallet and where you could mint it. Nothing special at all. At the moment that would be everything I wanted to do but I have no idea where to start. If someone could help me it would be very appreciated!

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