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Radzion Chachura
Radzion Chachura

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Increaser: The Ultimate Productivity App for Achieving Your Goals and Mastering Deep Work!

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Hello there! My name is Radzion, and I'm the founder of Increaser - a productivity app designed to help you achieve your goals and solve most of your problems through good habits and consistent deep work. The app empowers you to take the freedom from remote work to live a more productive, healthier, and happier life by leveraging its holistic toolkit for managing time effectively, getting into a deep focus state, and building positive habits.

Increaser starts by asking you about your current productivity goal. You may be in a season where you have to increase your work hours to achieve some goals or a time where you want to take it easy and work less. You may also pick an option of simply being aware of where the time goes. Increaser will respect your choice and adjust the experience for your goal.

To budget time between projects and track your performance, you can set weekly work hours preference. For a remote worker with side projects, five hours on a workday and three hours on a weekend could be the right amount. After a few weeks with Increaser, you will find the number of hours that match your lifestyle and goals.

You likely juggle multiple projects, such as a remote day job, content creation, a side hustle, freelancing, or skill-building. By tracking your time with Increaser, you can gain insight into how much time you dedicate to each project.

If you feel like some of these projects are behind, so you may want to set weekly goals in the app and put more work into them.

While remote work allows you to do the job at any time, you may want to have boundaries and allocate some time before bed to wind down, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. You can also start work early to have more free time during the day, knowing you've finished most of the work in the morning.

So many good things come from consistent daily habits. You can significantly improve health, productivity, or mood with only a few practices. Increaser recommends the most effective habits based on scientific research and simplifies tracking, making the process both easy and rewarding.

The app will guide you towards well-defined periods of work and rest, where the ideal would be having two or three 90 minutes blocks of deep work where you complete all your tasks for the day. Once you select a project and time duration target for uninterrupted work, Increaser will launch a focus session. To get into a productive state of mind, you can turn on the sounds of your taste. With no pause button, Increaser prioritizes maintaining concentration, preventing distractions, and ensuring high-quality work. Upon reaching your initial target, the app will notify you and automatically increase the goal, training you to sustain a focused state longer.

Quality breaks are essential for your ability to focus. Increaser will prompt you to go through a deliberate defocus after every session and then remind you to get back to work.

After a few weeks of using the app and trusting its process, you can see improvements in your sleep and mood, have increased free time as work becomes more efficient, and experience positive momentum in developing daily habits.

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