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Discussion on: Ruby vs Elixir

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Noel Miller

I suspect Ruby is an inspiration for Elixer. When I was coding Ruby and following community guidelines for solid OOP it forced/allowed me to stick to:

  • "one responsibility per class"
  • "tests that are not tightly coupled to your code"
  • D.R.Y
  • "preemptive isolation"
  • "public/private interfaces"
  • L.O.D.
  • "Duck Types"
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheiritance

Elixer has metaprogramming so ... maybe there many things in common? Not sure.

REF: Sandi Metz's book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby , an oldie but a goody

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Marcos Filho

I suspect Ruby is an inspiration for Elixir.

José Valim and his folks from Plataformatec, the ones behind Elixir, were actually well known Ruby developers. They were also the guys behind Devise, one of the most used/battle-tested Ruby gems.

So yeah, you cant take it as a fact that there was an inspiration :)