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Radix updated and new dev cards!

I am a decentralized protocol.
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So, as far as development goes we are getting closer to our technical go-live (scheduled for Q4 2019) goals - the Node Runner software is nearly done at 95%, the Asset-Backed Tokens API is at 90%, with the Utility Token Toolkit dragging behind a bit, with 70% completion.

For defining our development productivity, we’re using the Scrum/Agile methodology here at Radix. We define what needs to be delivered using User Stories and measure our productivity by our sprint velocity, which are the number of Story Points completed in an average two-week sprint. From now on, we’ve decided to share with everyone what which Sprint consists of in our knowledge base.

We’ve also released two interesting use cases - a POS card system, which can not only be used for simple transactions - it’s a slightly more complex solution, which gives insight to spending habits and can also store loyalty points.

We’ve also prepared Radix branded developer cards - if you are thinking of using those for building an app, please let me know, or contact Radix at any social media account.

Check those cards out here

The second use case is an IOT solution focused on exploring the possibility of a temperature controlled logistic system on the ledger.

Our community has grown a lot thanks to Takeshi, who has created both a Medium channel with Japanese translations of our articles handle to distribute those articles - RadixJapan. Thanks a ton, Takeshi!

If you have any questions - join The Radix Community!

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